1969-1970 Mustang Boss 302 Cougar Eliminator Engine Mods Racing Book

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This reprinted Ford manual will take you from stock to speed. "Boss 302 Engine Modification for strip track" will lead you through the necessary steps for getting drag strip or Trans Am racing-quality performance. You will find step-by-step instructions for choosing and installing the right performance parts for your engine. Get advice from Ford experts and experienced race car builders for blueprinting, basic checks & measurements, cleaning & deburring the block, readying the crankshaft & rods, modifying the pistons, choosing and installing a cam, preparing the heads, valves, springs, rocker arms, pans & oil pumps, choosing intake manifold & carburetion, ignition systems, headers, clutches, flywheels, and radiators. You'll find original Ford part numbers on a Boss 302 stock parts list, Boss 302 competition only parts list, and a list of competition clutches and flywheels. You will also get detailed specifications for stock, competition, and blueprint engines, a special component suppliers list, and a list of Boss 302 engine and chassis builders. 27 pages, NEW. Includes original part numbers, pictures of installed and disassembled parts, and diagrams. Covers the Cougar Eliminator as well as the Mustang Boss 302. Buy now to get your Boss on the track.
"Boss 302 Engine Modification for strip track"
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