1916-1932 Buick Master Parts Book Reprint--All Models

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This reprinted book is your ultimate resource for original part numbers for early model Buicks. It is a reproduction of the book your Buick dealer would have used to order parts back in the 1930s. You will find any part on your car. The numerical list covers practically every part that can be serviced from the factory. You will also find small line drawings indicating dimensions, representative illustrations (it is illustrated, though not as thoroughly as later model parts catalogs), most of the standard hardware (nuts and bolts), and the quantity per car. Covers most Buick parts back to 1923, with some coverage of 1916-1922.

You will find original parts numbers, which are still useful today because most parts vendors still use those numbers to keep track of their own stock. You can also use this parts book to find out which parts on your vehicle interchange with other years and models covered in this book. Parts books are the authority on the correct equipment for your vehicle; you'll know definitively which parts and accessories are original when you use this book.

"Master Parts List 1916-1932 Authorized Buick Service"
This item is a reproduction
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Covers most Buick parts back to 1923, with some coverage of 1916-1922.
1916 Buick D54
1916 Buick D55
1916-1917 Buick D44
1916-1917 Buick D45
1916-1917 Buick D46
1916-1917 Buick D47
1917 Buick D34
1917 Buick D35
1918 Buick E34
1918 Buick E35
1918 Buick E37
1918 Buick E44
1918 Buick E45
1918 Buick E46
1918 Buick E47
1918 Buick E49
1918 Buick E50
1919 Buick H44
1919 Buick H45
1919 Buick H46
1919 Buick H47
1919 Buick H49
1919 Buick H50
1920 Buick Series K
1921 Buick 21
1922-1924 Buick Series 30
1922-1930 Buick Series 40
1923-1932 Buick Series 50
1925 Buick Master Series 40
1925 Buick Master Series 50
1925 Buick Standard Series 20
1926-1927 Buick Standard
1926-1928 Buick Master
1928 Buick Standard Six
1929 Buick 116
1929 Buick 121
1929 Buick 129
1930 Buick Series 30 - Marquette
1930-1932 Buick Series 60
1931-1932 Buick Series 80
1931-1932 Buick Series 90