When you buy a used book from us, we give you the opportunity to choose the condition of the book that you buy--and so choose the price. We tell you that the book is "good" or "very good" but what is the REAL difference? The chart below will tell you the term we use for the condition and what that terms mean.

An Explanation of Book Conditions

New in Wrap
Unused, in original manufacturer wrapper or container.
New Old Stock
Never Been Used. May have shelf wear.
Used, Complete, sound binding. Clean cover. May have some small imperfection that is not obvious.
Very Good
Used, Complete, sound binding. Clean, but with obvious imperfection(s).
Average used book. Complete, sound binding. All text is readable, all pages are relatively clean. Cover is relatively clean, with some imperfections or small writing.
Complete and usable but not pretty. Sound binding. All text is readable, some pages may be dirty. Cover is dirty, taped, and/or written on.
Complete book with Major structural problem (broken binding, major water damage, etc.)
Complete book. May have homemade cover, reprinted pages inserted, and/or rebound.