1917-1925 Franklin Car Trouble Shooting Manual Reprint

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"Manual for Trouble Shooters Series 9 and 10 Cars" This is a page-for-page reproduction of a manual written by Franklin for use by mechanics. Inside, you'll find descriptions of step by step procudures for diagnosing noises, loss of power, electrical problems, and miscellaneous trouble. The book lists several potential causes of problems, and then gives step by step procedures for deciding which cause is most likely. The manual is not illustrated; it is all written instructions. The book was revised in November of 1923, so it thoroughly covers the series 9, 10A, and 10B. It should also work for the 1925 Series 10C. This 8.5 x 11 inch book has 52 pages and is in new condition. Buy now to own this hard to find manual for your Franklin.
"Manual for Trouble Shooters Series 9 and 10 Cars"
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1917-1919 Franklin Series 9
1920-1922 Franklin Model 9B
1923 Franklin Model 10
1924 Franklin Model 10 B
1925 Franklin Model 10 C