1919-1923 Essex Parts Book Reprint

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This manual is a reprint of the book that was used in an Essex dealer's parts department so that customers could order parts. You will find illustrations of many parts and the original part numbers, which are still useful today because most parts vendors still use Hudson's numbers to keep track of their parts. Use this book to make your search for parts both quicker and easier. The illustrations in the book will help you to identify parts, and the cutaway views can aid you with assembly or disassembly of some parts of the car, which can come in handy since there is no known shop manual for this car. Covers frame, springs, axles, universal joints, propeller shaft, wheels, steering gear, control levers, pedals, spark control, throttle control, oil control, motor, fan, clutch, transmission, radiator, carburetor, gas tank, windshield, Phaeton body, Roadster body, lamps, wiring (with a wiring diagram), and special tools. It even includes supplementary illustrated list of parts for right hand drive cars. Find out which parts on your car interchange with other years and models covered in this book.The manual is in new condition. Buy now to own the best parts book for your Essex!
"Parts Catalog for Essex Motor Cars"
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Covers all 1919-1923 Essex models.
1919-1920 Essex Model A
1921-1923 Essex Essex
1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 Essex Essex 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 Essex Model A