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Good - in original binder, one single page has an article about 1/4 page cut out of it. $395.00

This is a dealer-only album that salespeople used. You will find the following information in this book:

Salesperson Training -- This is a set of bulletins written by Cadillac to train salespeople to sell cars to customers. It includes a complete set of weekly bulletins from volume 10 (X), numbers 1-51, from August 7, 1924 to July 23, 1925. There is marketing advice from other dealers as well. Many issues have a section on knowing the V-63 better, which explains features of the car. See advice on how to sell more effectively. See pictures of Cadillac showrooms of the period and read testimonials from customers. Find descriptions of the different body styles. You can use the book to identify memorabilia, such as signs, a tool catalog, and a couple of sales brcohures. You'll see a page on the Cadillac/Meteor funeral coach, one on Cadillac police cars, a page on Cadillacs in the movies, articles on Cadillacs at auto shows, and you'll get a chance to do a couple of Cadillac crosswords. Buy now to be one of the few collectors to own this privileged information.

"Cadillac Clearing House"
This item is original.
12.50 x 9.75 x 1.10 inches
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1924-1925 Cadillac V-63