1930-1936 Fordson Tractor Reprint Owner's Manual

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This is a high quality reprint of the manual written by Ford Motor Company for tractors built in the U.K. You will learn answers to questions about how your tractor works, how to adjust it, how to troubleshoot problems, and how to operate & maintain it. Find out about: the Fordson engine, the tractor and its operation, the cooling system, fuel system, the ignition system, the magneto, the transmission, the brakes, the clutch, the rear axle, the running gear, the lubricating system, and the governor; with instructions for mounting roller bearings on front wheels, and a summary of motor troubles and their causes. You will also find out about the extra equipment that was available for your Fordson tractor. Includes specifications and 33 diagrams, cross-sections, and pictures of the tractor. 55 pages, NEW condition. Buy now for the manual that came with your tractor.
"Fordson Tractor Instruction Book 1930-1936"
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