1930 Chevrolet Engineering Features Manual Reprint

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This is a reprint of the confidential manual written by Chevrolet Engineering staff to train salespeople on the features of the new models. This book describes mechanical and/or styling improvements of vehicles by explaining in detail how vehicles changed from the previous year. You will find detailed mechanical drawings, specifications, interior and exterior photos. You'll see a list of 76 features that are new for 1930. Get to know the details of those improvements with in-depth pictures and descriptions of the most important mechanical and body features. You will find side-by-side comparisons of 1929 and 1930 specifications. Each body style has its own page with a picture and description.

There are 3 sections: pages 1-60 deal with cars, pages 61-70 describe trucks, pages 71-78 are devoted to accessories, and pages 79-85 are an index. The accessories section includes pictures and descriptions of optional equipment such as a thermostat, spot light, trunk rack, tire cover, fender wells, bumpers, heater, radiator cap, wire wheels, tire locks, and tire chains. Some of the information in this book can't be found anywhere else. Buy now for this hard to find book.

"Chevrolet 1930 Features Engineering"
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