1931 Chevrolet Car and Truck Engineering Features Manual Reprint

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This is a reprint of the confidential manual written by Chevrolet Engineering staff to train salespeople on the features of the new models. This book describes improvements of vehicles by explaining in detail how vehicles changed from the previous year, including redesigned frame, engine supports, cross members, exhaust system, springs, axles, engine, clutch, transmission, steering, wheels, sheet metal, hood, running boards, rear fenders, electrical, lamps, horn, instruments, wipers, radiator, and wire wheel carrier. Typically each section concludes with comparative specifications, showing some 1930 versus 1931 specs. Changes to each body type are noted, including open bodies, roadster, phaeton, sport roadster, closed bodies, coach, sedan, special sedan, coupe, and sport coupe. Truck features are also covered, including a Light Delivery, Sedan Delivery, Roadster Delivery (pickup), a 1.5 ton truck, and a heavy duty truck. The first 60 pages of the book are dedicated to cars, pages 61-72 cover trucks, and pages 73-82 cover accessories and and an index. Some of the information in this book can't be found anywhere else. Buy now for this hard to find book.

"Chevrolet Engineering Features 1931"
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