1931 Nash Table Top Dealer Album Original

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This is an oversized dealer-only album that salespeople used. It has a built in triangular table top stand. The print inside is larger than other books because it is designed to be viewed from a distance. You will find the following information in this book:

Pictorial Dealer Album -- You will find out the dealer's "inside information" that is far more detailed than a sales brochure. You'll see photos and details of 1930 styling and features. Some pages focus on specific features like chassis, ride, aluminum alloy pistons, perfected carburetion, Stalwart Double Drop Frame, 4-wheel brakes, quite transmission, steering, cooling, twin-ignition, etc. Buy now to be one of the few collectors to own this privileged information.

1930 Nash Table Top Dealer Album Six Eight
This item is original.
13.25 x 9.50 x 1.60 inches
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