1932 Chevrolet Service News (12 issues) Reprint - History, Accessories, Parts & Repair Changes

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If you've got the factory shop manual for your Chevrolet, you've only got half the story – this set has parts & repair changes that mechanics found that they needed after the shop manual was printed, and mid-year changes that aren't accounted for in the shop manual. This is a quality reprint set of the service bulletins printed by Chevy. You'll see mid-year parts changes and descriptions of popular new accessories - most issues have a page devoted to accessories. If you're a fan of the '32, you'll enjoy the stories on how Chevy parts are made or what successful dealers were doing to increase business. You'll see parts & service info on bodies, valves, water pump packings, pistons, head gaskets, accessories, piston pins, ring gear riveting jigs, pinions, main bearings, lubrication, flywheels, cleaning upholstery, cylinder heads, body and fender jacks, heaters, batteries, gasket units, axles, brakes, camshaft bearings, sheet metal body parts, radiators, thermostats and more. The booklets measure 8.5" x 11" with 12 issues included, and are in new condition. Each issue is folded or stapled like the originals. January through November issues are devoted to 1932 model-year vehicles, while the December issue introduces the 1933 model-year vehicles. Covers all 1932 Chevrolet cars, including Confederate Series BA, Passenger Models Series BB, and commercial vehicles including pickup, panel screenside, canopy express, and delivery models. Buy now to own this factory repair information.
"Chevrolet Service News, 1932"
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Covers all 1932 Chevrolets, including cars, pickups and trucks.
1932 Chevrolet Confederate
1932-1933 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery
1932-1933 Chevrolet Truck
1933 Chevrolet Eagle
1933 Chevrolet Standard
1932 1933 Chevrolet Confederate 1932 1933 Chevrolet Eagle 1932 1933 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1932 1933 Chevrolet Standard 1932 1933 Chevrolet Truck