1932 Deuce 75 Years of the '32 Ford History & Picture Book

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"Deuce: 75 Years of the '32 Ford" is a complete history of the car - as it was built, and as a hot rod and racecar. The book covers the design, development, and production of the Deuce, including vintage factory photos. You'll learn how the car changed from the Model A, and also how the models differed from one another. The book details the features of the car in words and photos, and also describes mid-year production changes (they were constantly changing the flathead engine as well as other parts), providing a valuable resource for identifying original equipment. It also relates the story of the car as the hot rod of choice for generations of hop-up enthusiasts, starting with the McGee and Spencer highboy roadsters built in the 1940's, and then progressing to the famous 1950's 404 roadster, as well as more modern coupe & even sedan hot rods. Sidebars explore the personalities and companies that have helped the Deuce become a pop automotive enthusiast community. You'll find out about the modern bodies being made, and even the cars being prepped for a 75th anniversary celebration by automotive icons like Carrol Shelby. This handsome hardcover book has 200 color and 100 black and white photos. It measures 10" x 10" and has 192 pages. The book covers all cars, including V-8, 4 cylinder Model B, Standard, Deluxe, Phaeton, Roadster, Coupe, Sedan, Cabriolet, Station Wagon, Victoria, Sedan Delivery, Panel Delivery, and even a few pages on the pickup. Whether you like the Deuce as a cherry original or a totally tricked out hot rod, this book is the book for you.
Robert Genat
"Deuce 75 Years of the '32 Ford"
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