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Printed by GM, this is a book that was originally used by the Pontiac dealer to calculate labor charges for repairs. The book is organized by part, and then by operation (such as replace a particular part, clean a particular part, or perform a repair). You’ll see the name of the repair operation, and then a time estimate of how long the repair should take. You will find labor estimates for a whole range of services including both body and mechanical repairs, for everything from minor services to major overhauls to accessory installation. Includes 9 illustrations. Buy now to own this original Pontiac guide.
Black FLAT RATE on dealer album shelf
"Pontiac 1937 Flat Rate"
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1933-1937 Pontiac Flat Rate Manual Original-- All Models
2019-01-13 12:15:16
Includes 9 illustrations.
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1933 Pontiac Model 601
1934 Pontiac Model 603
1935 Pontiac Series 605 Improved
1935 Pontiac Series 701 Deluxe
1935 Pontiac Series 701 Standard
1936 Pontiac Deluxe Series Silver Streak 6BA
1936 Pontiac Deluxe Series Silver Streak 8BA
1936 Pontiac Master Series 6BB
1937 Pontiac Deluxe Model 6CA
1937 Pontiac Deluxe Model 8CA