1936-1937 Cord Model 810-812 Reprint Owner's Manual with envelope

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This is a quality reproduction of the manual issued with all Cord 810-812 model vehicles. You will find instructions for the operation and car of the lights, transmission remote control, heat indicator, electrical equipment, generator, cooling system, engine, fuel system, carburetor, electric gasoline gauge, starting motor, distributor and coil, battery, clutch, worm & roller steering gear, driving unit assembly, u-joints, hydraulic brake system, parking brakes, shocks, phaeton top, wheels & tires, lacquered parts, and chrome parts. With instructions for lubrication, maintenance, wheel alignment, wiring schematics, illustrated part diagrams, and specifications, this book is like a mini shop manual! 40 pages, New condition - comes with a printed manila envelope just like the original. Buy now for the best owner's manual for your Cord.
"Cord Model 810-812 Owner's Manual"
This item is a reproduction
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