1937-1948 Ford and Mercury V8 Engine Repair Shop Manual Reprint

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This is a reprint of the same manual a Ford mechanic would use to work on a Ford V-8. You will find specific information for the complete disassembly, reassembly, inspection, and repair of the 221 or 239 cubic inch engine. Exploded view pictures and labeled diagrams have been included for easy identification, removal and installation of parts. Each section contains complete inspection instructions and wear limits so you can know when any part requires maintenance or replacement. You will also find some basic part numbers which makes this a great buy for overall coverage. Covers 221 and 239 Ford and Mercury V-8 engines from 1937-1948 inclusive. New condition. Buy now to own the best manual for your engine.
"Repair Manual: Ford and Mercury V-8 Engines 78-81A-59A 1937 to 1948 Passenger Cars, 1937 to 1947 Trucks"
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