1938 Buick Special Self-Shifting Transmission Repair Shop Manual Reprint - 2 Books in 1

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This is a reprint of the transmission shop manual that a Buick dealer mechanic would use to service transmissions - it includes 2 parts:  the 84-page shop manual plus a 40-page supplement to that shop manual with updates that came out later in the year. You will find step-by-step instructions for lubrication and removal, disassembly, assembly, installation, and service of the clutch, universal ball and joint, pressure regulator valve, oil pump, gear set, governor, transmission, etc.  Lots of clear black and white pictures, illustrations, and specifications clarify the instructions including an exploded view of the Self-Shifting Transmission. You also get troubleshooting information, lubrication, adjustments, and operating instructions.  This manual contains only transmission information. It will refer you back to the 1938 Buick Shop Manual for repairs of other parts. Buy now to own the best manual for your transmission.
"Buick Self-Shifting Transmission Manual Supplement 1938 Series 40"
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This manual covers the 1938 Buick Special Series 40 models equipped with the self-shifting transmission.
1938 Buick Special 40