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"Studebaker Shop Manual for 1939-40 Models" This the original factory shop manual for the '39 Studebaker Commanders and Presidents is the ultimate authority on bumper-to-bumper maintenance and repair. You will find diagnostic aids for engine problems with detailed troubleshooting solutions, extensive instructions for the removal and installation of your car's parts, and many cutaways and photographs. Get the know-how on maximizing engine performance, regulating fuel mixtures, connecting rod assemblies, thermostat adjustment, voltage and current checking, lamp care, cleaning and flushing the coolant system, transmission disassembly, overdrive adjustment, alignment specs, bleeding of brake lines, refinishing, lubrication and more. 130 pages of must-have information with detailed illustrations and electrical wiring diagrams. Covers 1939 Commander, Coupe Express Pickup, and President models. If you have a 1940 model, you'll need this book plus a 1940 supplement. Buy now for this hard-to-find original manual.
"Studebaker Shop Manual for 1939 Models"
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1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe Express Commander
1939 Studebaker State President
1939-1940 Studebaker Commander
1940 Studebaker Commander Delux-Tone
1940 Studebaker State President Delux-Tone