1940-1949 International K & KB series Truck Repair Shop Manual Reprint

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"1940-1949 International K and KB-Line Trucks Service Manual CTS-8" This is a reprint of the rare manual that International Truck servicemen would have used to fix your truck. You will find detailed instructions for performing wheel alignment, working on bodies, power, air and hydraulic brakes, clutches, engines (GRD, BLD, FAC, FBC and RED). Learn how to work on the electrical system: battery, ignition coils, distributors, generators, headlights, horns, regulators, starting (cranking) motors and spark plugs. There is also information for fuel system, air cleaners, propeller shaft, springs, steering gears, transmission, cooling system, and much, much more. Lubrication charts with points and fluids are included, as well as wiring diagrams and schematics. This manual covers all 1940 ½-1941-1942-1946 K-line; and 1947-1948-1949 KB-line: 1-14, and all "KBR" and "KBS" too. Includes all sizes from pickups through big trucks. New condition. 1 ½" thick. Buy now for this hard-to-find manual.
"1940-1949 International K and KB-Line Trucks Service Manual CTS-8"
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1940-1946 International K-Line
1947-1949 International KB-Line
1947-1949 International KB-Line KBR
1947-1949 International KB-Line KBS