1941-1942-1946 Studebaker Car Repair Shop Manual Reprint -- All models

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Look no further for the ultimate authority in maintenance and repair. You will find diagnostic aids for engine problems with detailed troubleshooting solutions, extensive instructions for the removal and installation of all your car's parts, and many cutaways and photographs. This manual features detailed instructions for working on cylinders, pistons and rings; carburetor disassembly, cleaning and reassembly; causes and cures of overheating; transmission disassembly and reassembly; axles, differentials, steering and much more. An expanded supplement also outlines the accessories and options for the Champion Deluxstyle Club Sedan, Champion Custom Cruising Sedan, and Commander and President Land Cruisers. This is a reprint of the factory manual for the '41 and '42 Studebaker Champion, Commander, and President. The book also includes the 1946 supplement for the first model--nearly identical to the '42--produced before World War II halted production in the Studebaker factory. Over 250 pages with illustrations and electrical wiring diagrams. New condition. Buy now on the only service manual prepared by the general service department of Studebaker Corporation.
"Shop Manual for Studebaker Passenger Cars Models 1941-1942 and 5G Skyway Champion, with 1946 Supplement"
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1941 Studebaker Champion Custom Deluxe
1941 Studebaker Champion Delux-Tone
1941 Studebaker Commander Delux-Tone
1941 Studebaker President Delux-Tone
1941-1942 Studebaker Champion Custom
1941-1942 Studebaker Commander Custom
1941-1942 Studebaker Commander Skyway
1941-1942 Studebaker President Custom
1941-1942 Studebaker President Skyway
1942 Studebaker Champion Deluxstyle
1942 Studebaker Commander Deluxstyle
1942 Studebaker President Deluxstyle
1946 Studebaker Champion
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