1941 Ford Military GP Jeep Repair Shop Manual Reprint 41 TM10-1101

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"Ford Model GP TM 10-1101" Anyone with a Ford GP knows how difficult it is to find original service manuals for those war Jeeps. This is a complete reproduction of the "Maintenance Manual for Ford Truck ΒΌ Ton 4 x 4 1941 for U.S. Government" originally printed in 1941. You will find operation tips, drivers instructions, service instructions for lubrication, wheels & tires, brakes, steering, front/rear axle & propeller shaft, frame & springs, engine, transmission/clutch/transfer case, cooling system, fuel system, generator/voltage regulator/battery, starter, ignition, lighting, shock absorbers, and body. 148 pictures, illustrations, exploded views and wiring diagrams are included in this 127-page book. Condition-New condition! Buy now for this hard-to-find information for the Ford GP.
"Ford Model GP TM 10-1101"
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1941 Ford Military GPW
1941 Ford Military GPW