1942-1948 Chevrolet Station Wagon Body Repair Shop Manual Reprint

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This is a licensed reproduction of the manual written by GM for use at Chevrolet dealers. Find out how to work on the body of your car with repair instructions that are different from what you will find in your shop manual. The book is packed with illustrations of the cars. Find out how to remove, install, and work on the doors, panels, handles, locks, windows, window regulators, seats, cowl, flooring, center pillar, rear quarter, and roof covering. Includes instructions for door adjustments, sealing against leaks, and wiring diagrams. NEW condition. Buy now to own the best body repair manual for your car
"1948 Fisher Body Station Wagon Bodies for Chevrolet"
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This manual was applies to 1942-1948 Chevrolet woody station wagon models.
1942 Chevrolet Special Deluxe
1946-1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster