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This is a dealer-only album that salespeople used. It was written by Dodge to train salespeople to sell vehicles to customers. You will find the following information in this book

Training -- This book was a handout from a training event for Dodge truck salespeople called the “Dodge Job-Rated Truck Conference.”  It applies to all 1946-1947 Dodge trucks, and has some sections that cover all trucks, but other sections specifically feature the half ton and 1.5 ton models.  You'll learn about how to sell trucks - which types of trucks and body styles are popular, what are the advantages of each type, and you'll see lists of features.   See advantages, pictures, and features for specific parts, such as tires, engines, cooling system, fuel system, electrical system, clutch, transmission, frame, springs,  and rear axle.  The book addresses body styles available and the advantages to each, including pickup, panel, stake, and platform.  You’ll learn about choosing the right truck for the job – what kinds of buyers buy what kinds of trucks,  the right wheelbase, the right g.v.w. (with examples from 1.5 ton extra equipment availability), and how use a C.O.E. for extra maneuverability.  The book is illustrated with both photos and drawings.

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"Dodge Job-Rated Truck Conference Notes"
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This book applies to all 1946-1947 Dodge trucks, but has sections that specifically focus on half ton and 1.5 ton models.

1946-1947 Dodge Medium & Heavy Duty Truck
1946-1947 Dodge WC
1946-1947 Dodge WD15
1946-1947 Dodge WD20
1946-1947 Dodge WD21
1946 1947 Dodge Medium Heavy Duty Truck 1946 1947 Dodge WC 1946 1947 Dodge WD15 1946 1947 Dodge WD20 1946 1947 Dodge WD21