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This reprinted two book set is your ultimate resource for original part numbers with illustrations for early model MoPar cars. It is a reproduction of the book your dealer would have used to order parts. Use this book to make your search for parts both quicker and easier. The illustrations in the book will help you to identify parts, and the exploded views can aid you with assembly or disassembly of some parts of the vehicle. In addition to the parts numbers and illustrations, you will see exterior/interior color combinations, trim packages, group & part numbers, most of the standard hardware (nuts and bolts). You can use this book to help you find parts today because most parts vendors still use MoPar's original part numbers to keep track of their parts. You can also identify if the parts you are buying are original and complete; if you're missing parts, you can use the book to see what you should have. The book set has 926 pages and is in NEW condition. Covers all 1946-1954 U.S. cars, with more illustrations covering the 1950-1954 cars than the 1946-1949 models. Buy now to own these useful books.

Models covered:
Chrysler: Royal, Windsor, Town & Country, Saratoga, Crown, Deluxe, Imperial, & Custom.
De Soto: Custom, Deluxe, Firedome, and Powermaster.
Dodge: Deluxe, Meadowbrook, Custom, Coronet, Royal, Sierra, Wayfarer, & wagons.
Plymouth: Deluxe, Special Deluxe, Concord, Cambridge, Cranbrook, Plaza, Savoy, Belvedere, & Suburban.


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Exact Title: "1946 to 1954 Chrysler Parts Passenger Car Parts Catalog"
Page Count: 926
Authenticity: This item is a reproduction.
Dimensions: 11.00 x 8.50 x 1.88
OEM Part Number: D14 REPRINT

Model-Years Application

Covers all Plymouth Models including Deluxe, Special Deluxe, Concord, Cambridge, Cranbrook, Plaza, Savoy, Belvedere, and Suburban. Also covers all Chrysler Models including Royal, Windsor, Town and Country, Saratoga, Crown, Deluxe, Imperial, and Custom. Also included are all Dodge models including Deluxe, Meadowbrook, Custom, Coronet, Royal, Sierra, Wayfarer, and wagons, and all De Soto models including Custom, Deluxe, Firedome, and Powermaster.
1946-1948 Chrysler Imperial C-40
1946-1948 DeSoto S-11 Custom
1954 Dodge Royal
1946-1949 Chrysler Royal Series
1946-1948 DeSoto S-11 Deluxe
1946-1948 Plymouth P15 Deluxe
1946-1949 Chrysler Saratoga Series
1949 DeSoto S-13 Custom
1946-1948 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe
1946-1949 Chrysler Windsor Series
1949 DeSoto S-13 Deluxe
1949-1950 Plymouth Deluxe
1946-1954 Chrysler New Yorker
1950 DeSoto S-14 Custom
1949-1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe
1946-1954 Chrysler Town & Country
1950 DeSoto S-14 Deluxe
1949-1954 Plymouth Suburban
1949 Chrysler Crown Imperial
1951-1952 DeSoto S-15 Custom
1951-1952 Plymouth Concord
1949-1954 Chrysler Imperial
1951-1952 DeSoto S-15 Deluxe
1951-1952 Plymouth Concord Deluxe
1950 Chrysler Royal
1952-1954 DeSoto Firedome
1951-1952 Plymouth Concord Special Savoy
1950-1952 Chrysler Saratoga
1953-1954 DeSoto Powermaster
1951-1953 Plymouth Cambridge
1950-1953 Chrysler Windsor
1946-1948 Dodge Deluxe
1951-1953 Plymouth Cranbrook
1950-1954 Chrysler Imperial Crown
1946-1954 Dodge Custom
1953-1954 Plymouth Belvedere
1950-1954 Chrysler Newport
1949-1952 Dodge Wayfarer
1953-1954 Plymouth Savoy
1951-1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe
1949-1954 Dodge Coronet
1954 Plymouth Plaza
1953-1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe
1949-1954 Dodge Meadowbrook


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