1948-1949 Dodge B-1 Pickup Truck Owner's Manual Reprint

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"Driver's Manual Dodge 'Job-Rated' Trucks Series B-I-B, B-I-C" This is a high quality reproduction of the owner's manual that came with your '48 or '49 Dodge Truck. Find out essentials of operation and maintenance. Includes instructions for operation of the shifter and other optional equipment. See descriptions of as tire and wheel balancing, wheel alignment, adjustment of bearings and brakes; as well as descriptions of many automotive systems such as lighting, fuel, and transmission. You will find easy-to-follow instructions on simple adjustments and services you can do yourself like the spark plug gap, lubrication, and tire punctures. Wiring diagram, specifications, and maintenance schedule are included, plus diagrams and illustrations for additional assistance. The book measures 5.5" x 8.5", is in NEW condition, and has 56 pages.
"Driver's Manual Dodge 'Job-Rated' Trucks Series B-I-B, B-I-C"
This item is a reproduction
8.50 x 5.50 x 0.25 inches
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The manual covers 1948-1949 Dodge B-I-B (that is ½-ton), and B-I-C (that is, ¾-ton) models of pickup and panel truck.
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 B
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 C
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 D
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 F
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 H
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 J
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 KA
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 Power Wagon
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 R
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 T
1948 1949 Dodge B-1