1948-1961 Mustang Motorcycle Manual and Brochure Reprint Set

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This is a reprint of the 2 items produced by the Mustang Motorcycle Corporation. (1) The first is a 51-page instruction manual and parts catalog. It includes repair procedures, operating instructions, and parts ordering information. You will find specifications, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, disassembly and overhaul instructions, reassembly and adjustment instructions, a table of fits and clearances for tightening torques, and numerical parts list with illustrations. You'll see original part numbers and part names. You will find diagrammed exploded view illustrations showing the assembly of parts. (2) The second item is sales brochure that contains general and performance specifications along with classic images of the motorcycles and an exploded view of engine. It folds out to three times the original size.

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"All Models Instruction Manual and Parts Catalog Mustang Motorcycle Corporation" and "Sturdy as a Mustang . . .Handles Like a Thoroughbred"
This item is a reproduction
9.00 x 6.00 x 0.15 inches
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