1951-1954 Ferguson TO-30 Tractor Reprint Owner's Manual

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"Ferguson TO-30 Owner's Manual" This is a quality reproduction of the manual that came with your Ferguson Tractor. You will find charts illustrating all of the grease fittings, dipsticks, & components requiring lubrication, the fluids & capacities for each reservoir, and the intervals for each maintenance job. You will also find instructions for driving the tractor, attaching, raising, and operating implements, drawbar installation, power take off operation, adjusting wheel tread widths, liquid filling for traction, and tractor storage. Learn how to make minor adjustments and repairs on the oiling system, cooling system, air & fuel system, carburetor, electrical system, transmission & clutch, differential & rear axle assembly, front axle & steering, and the Ferguson system itself. Covers the American TO-30 model tractor only. 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954. 40 pages, NEW. Buy now for the manual that every owner/operator was meant to have.
"Ferguson TO-30 Owner's Manual"
Ferguson Tractor
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1951-1954 Ferguson Tractor TO-30
1951 1952 1953 1954 Ferguson Tractor TO-30