1951 Chevrolet Accessories Installation Manual Original

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"Chevrolet Accessories Installation Manual for 1951" This is the original manual issued by Chevrolet to train mechanics to install genuine Chevrolet accessories. You will find step-by-step installation instructions accompanied by detailed illustrations making every procedure a breeze. You will also find original part numbers to easily reference accessories including: hood ornaments, electric clocks, cigarette lighters, electric shaver (did you know Chevy made those?), seat covers, steering wheels, glare shades, horns, mirrors, radios, visors, and much, much more! This book measures 8.5" x 11", and has 96 pages. This manual covers genuine Chevy accessories for all 1951 Chevrolet cars and also trucks. Buy now to make your Chevy into a "loaded" model.
"Chevrolet Accessories Installation Manual for 1951"
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PA15 1951
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