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This is the original manual printed by Ford for mechanics at the dealer to use when working on automatic transmissions. This information is not found in the main shop manual for your car. You will find step-by-step illustrated instructions for all types of repairs, from minor adjustments to complete overhaul. You will find out how to perform troubleshooting diagnosis, remove and replace the transmission, and teardown and rebuild the transmission and torque converter. Keep that tranny running right with specific maintenance tips for adjustments, changing fluids, and more. With exploded and cutaway illustrations, diagrams, and specifications, you'll have the info you need to keep your tranny running smoothly. See my other items for the mid-year supplement to this book which has additional repair instructions.  Buy now to own the best manual for your transmission.
"1951 Fordomatic Shop Manual"
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This manual covers the 1951 Fordomatic transmission, as used in the cars, convertibles, and station wagons.
1951 Ford Country Sedan
1951 Ford Country Squire
1951 Ford Crestline
1951 Ford Custom
1951 Ford Deluxe
1951 Ford Ranch Wagon
1951 Ford Victoria