1952-1959 GMC Truck Hydra-Matic Transmission Overhaul Manual & Parts Catalog Original

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This original manual was used by GMC to train their dealership mechanics on how to properly overhaul an automatic transmission. This book has two parts: overhaul information and illustrated parts list. The first half of the book shows you how to completely overhaul your transmission. You will find information on the analysis of difficulty, transmission disassembly, parts inspection and cleaning, transmission assembly, installation precautions, and periodic maintenance. You will also find a section on the special tools used and a suggested floor layout for a "proper" Hydra-Matic Transmission repair room. The second half of the book includes an illustrated parts list of replacement parts for transmission models 177-210-220-245-300-330-350. With clear pictures and illustrations, you will be able to rebuild and maintain your transmission. This book measures 8.5" x 11", is.25" thick and has 71 pages. Buy now to one the best manual for overhauling your transmission.
1952-1959 GMC Truck Hydra-Matic Overhaul Practices X-5844
"Hydra-Matic Overhaul Practices for GMC Trucks"
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1952-1959 GMC Truck Hydra-Matic Transmission Overhaul Manual & Parts Catalog Original
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This manual covers all 1952-1959 GMC Trucks equipped with the Hydra-Matic Transmission.
1952-1954 GMC Series 300
1952-1954 GMC Series 400
1952-1958 GMC PM252
1952-1958 GMC PM253
1952-1959 GMC PM152
1952-1959 GMC Truck
1953-1959 GMC PM150
1955-1959 GMC 100
1955-1959 GMC 150
1955-1959 GMC 250
1955-1959 GMC 300
1955-1959 GMC 370
1955-1959 GMC PM151
1955-1959 GMC PM153
1955-1959 GMC Series 300-500
1956 GMC M340
1956-1959 GMC 350-8
1956-1959 GMC F350
1956-1959 GMC F370
1956-1959 GMC FM340
1956-1959 GMC FM350
1956-1959 GMC M300
1956-1959 GMC PM250
1956-1959 GMC PM251
1956-1959 GMC S300
1956-1959 GMC S370