1955-1956-1957 Ford Tractor Owner's Manual Reprint 700 740 900 950 960

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This is a reproduction of the manual that was issued with your tractor. You will find instructions for the operation of the controls, attaching implements, adjusting the rear wheel tread (gauge), recommended maintenance & lubrication, and storage. You'll also see a standard and optional equipment chart for all purpose and utility models. Includes a list of tractor accessories, and specifications. 64 pages, NEW condition. Buy now for the manual you were meant to have as a tractor owner/operator.
"Ford Tractor Series 700 and 900 Owner's Manual"
This item is a reproduction
35525SE6172 REPRINT
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Covers models 740, 950, and 960.
1955-1957 Ford Tractor 700/900 Tractor
1955-1957 Ford Tractor 740