1955-1956 Chrysler Repair Shop Manuals CD-ROM Windsor New Yorker 300 Imperial

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This CD-ROM offers page-for-page reproduction of two bound manuals that Chrysler mechanics used to service cars. It includes the 682 page "Chrysler 1955 Service Imperial C-67 Windsor C-68 New Yorker C-69 Imperial C-70 Crown Imperial" and the 482 page "Chrysler C-71 Windsor C-72 New Yorker C-300B Chrysler Service 1956 Manual C-73 Imperial C-70 Crown Imperial Imperial". You will find detailed service procedures for general specifications, front wheel suspension, rear axle, brakes, clutch, cooling system, electrical system, engine, fuel system, exhaust system, frame, shock absorbers, springs, steering, transmissions, universal joints, propeller shaft, wheels, tires, body and sheet metal (Town and Country Wagons), lubrication, radio, hi-fi, heater and air-conditioning. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications, and wiring diagrams on this CD, you will have the information you need to keep your project on the road. The best part is that you can print out the pages you need, dirty them in the shop, and then throw them away. Great if you have a hard copy that you want to keep clean. You can use the information on this CD to restore all 1955 and 1956 Chrysler cars, including Windsor, New Yorker, Custom Imperial, Crown Imperial, and the Chrysler-300 models. Buy now to own the best manual for your car on CD. We have manuals on paper also -- see our other items.
"1955-1956 Chrysler Service Manuals Imperial 2 Volumes"
This item is a reproduction
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