1955-1956 Dodge C-3 Pickup & Truck Repair Shop Manual Reprint Supplement

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This supplement includes both C-3 and C-3 (after) Dodge truck supplements for 1955 and 1956 models. It is a reprint of the manual used by Dodge mechanics at the dealer. You will find step-by-step repair procedures for axles, brakes, cooling, 6 & 12 volt electrical system, engine, carburetor, hydrualic power steering, transmission, overdrive, transfer case, and specifications. Pictures, wiring diagrams, and exploded view illustrations accompany the instructions. This manual contains service information unique to C-3 models. For repairs that these trucks share with earlier models, this book will refer you to the 1954-1955 C-1 Shop Manual. This book is in new condition. Buy now for this hard-to-find manual for your truck.
"Dodge 'Job-Rated' Trucks Shop Manual C-3 Series All Models Supplement"
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This manual covers all 1955-1956 Dodge C-3 & C-3 (after) Truck models including B, C, D, F, G, H, HH, J, K, R, T, V, Y, YX, 6-Cyl, 8-Cyl, pickup, panel, big truck, Route Van, & Power Wagon.
1955 Dodge C-3 C
1955 Dodge C-3 DU
1955 Dodge C-3 DUL
1955 Dodge C-3 EUL
1955-1956 Dodge Medium & Heavy Duty Truck
1955-1956 Dodge Power Wagon
1955-1956 Dodge Route Van
1955-1956 Dodge Truck
1955 1956 Dodge C-3 1955 1956 Dodge C-3 1955 1956 Dodge Medium Heavy Duty Truck 1955 1956 Dodge Power Wagon 1955 1956 Dodge Route Van 1955 1956 Dodge Truck