1955-1956 Packard Repair Shop Manual Reprint

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This reprint of a factory shop manual for the 55th & 56th Series of Packards is the ultimate authority on bumper-to-bumper maintenance and repair. This book is a reproduction of the manual that was used by mechanics at the Packard dealership. You will find all the specs and instructions you will need to get professional results for air conditioning, accessories, brakes, clutch, transmission & overdrive, twin ultramatic, electrical, engine, fenders & sheet metal, frame, fuel & exhaust, instruments, radiator & cooling, rear axle, suspension & steering, u-joints & prop shaft, wheels and tires, body, and more! Diagnose every pop, screech, and shimmy with advice from the factory experts. Detailed cutaways and photographs give you know-how to get that perfect "cherry" look and feel right down to the last nut, bolt, and screw. New condition. The book is over 1" thick, loaded with illustrations and pictures, electrical wiring diagrams. If you own a Packard, you can't afford not to Buy on the only manual stamped "approved Packard service."
"Packard Service Manual"
This item is a reproduction
11.00 x 8.50 x 1.46 inches
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Covers all 1955 and 1956 Packards including the Clipper, Custom, Deluxe, Super, Panama, 400, Caribbean, and Patrician.  Since the Executive came out late in the model year, it isn't specifically named in the book, however, repairs for that model are the same as other 1956 models, so you can use that for repair of it also.
1955 Packard Clipper Constellation
1955-1956 Packard Caribbean
1955-1956 Packard Clipper Custom
1955-1956 Packard Clipper Deluxe
1955-1956 Packard Clipper Super
1955-1956 Packard Clipper Super Panama
1955-1956 Packard Four-Hundred
1955-1956 Packard Patrician
1956 Packard Clipper Custom Constellation
1956 Packard Executive
1955 1956 Packard Caribbean 1955 1956 Packard Clipper 1955 1956 Packard Executive 1955 1956 Packard Four-Hundred 1955 1956 Packard Patrician