1955 Chevrolet Truck Engineering Features Manual Reprint Second Series

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This is a reprint of the confidential manual written by Chevrolet Engineering staff to train salespeople on the features of 1955 second series Chevrolet trucks. This book describes mechanical and styling improvements of trucks by explaining in detail how vehicles changed from the previous year. The changes discussed include front end styling, emblems, hub caps, frame, front suspension, steering, rear suspension, brakes, transmissions, 26 pages on engine, and 4 pages on Cameo styling. There's a section on optional equipment including rear axles, transmissions, power steering, engines, deluxe cabs, wrap-around window, air cushion seat, and more accessories. You will find exterior and interior photos as well mechanical drawings. A handy appendix lists two tone color schemes and interior color schemes. Some of the information in this book can't be found anywhere else. Buy now for this hard to find book.

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"1955 Chevrolet Features Truck Engineering Achievements"
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Covers all 2nd Series 1955 Chevrolet trucks, including Pickup, conventional, Cameo Carrier, panel, Suburban, platform, stake, and forward control. Includes light, medium and heavy duty truck Models including ½-ton, ¾-ton, 1-ton, 1 ½-ton, and 2-ton, models 3100, 3200, 3400, 3400, 3500, 3600, 3700, 3800, 4100, 4400, 4500, 5100, 5400, 5700, 6100, 6400, 6500, 6700, and 6800.
1955 Chevrolet 2nd Series Truck
1955 Chevrolet 2nd Series Truck