1957-1960 Dodge 1-ton Power Wagon Operation and Maintenance Manual Reprint TM 9-8854

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This high-quality reprint of US army manual shows you how to operate and maintain your vehicle. You will learn about the driving controls, preventative maintenance, lubrication, and tools. You'll see detailed descriptions of vehicle systems, along with instructions for maintaining those parts, including engine, ignition system, carburetor, exhaust, cooling, starting, generating, lighting, clutch, transmission, transfer case, propeller shaft, universal joint, axles, brakes, springs, shock absorbers, steering gear, and body. You'll also find out how to remove or install many of those parts. Troubleshooting charts and plenty of specifications will give you the data you need to keep your vehicle on the road. This manual is in brand new condition. Buy now to find out how to keep your truck in top notch condition.
"TM9-8854 TO36A12-1A-15 Operation 1 Ton, 4x4 Special Power Wagon Truck (Dodge)"
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This manual covers 1957-1960 1-ton 4x4 Truck Dodge Power Wagons. Includes both closed and open cabs and ambulances. Although this is a military manual, it is made for civilian style T-137 Power Wagons used in the military, M601 and M615, and is therefore very useful for civilian Power Wagons (called W300M or WM300). The M601 and M615 were exported around the world for use in other militaries, with both the Dodge and Fargo names.
1957-1959 Dodge Power Wagon
1960 Dodge Wm300 Power Wagon
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