1957 De Soto Adventurer Repair Shop Manual Reprint Supplement

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This is a page-for-page copy of the manual that DeSoto mechanics used to service your car. It shows you how to repair Adventurer-specific parts, such as dual four-barrel carburetors and gives specifications. This supplement shows you those features of the Adevnturer that differ from the standard De Soto, such as the dual four barrel carburetors and special engine characteristics . For repairs that are the same, this book will refer you to the 1957 De Soto manual (see my other items). With step-by-step instructions, clear pictures, and specifications, you will have the information you need to get your project on the road and keep it there. Buy now to own the best manual for your car.
"1957 Adventurer Service Information"
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This book covers 1957 De Soto Adventurer models only.
1957 DeSoto Adventurer
1957 DeSoto Adventurer