1958-1962 Ford 801-D/901-D Diesel Engine Tractor Owners Handbook Supplement Reprint

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This is a reproduction of the manual that came with your Ford. This supplement covers operation instructions for diesel tractors that are different from gasoline models. This book refers you to the gas owners manual for instructions that are the same. You will find instructions for operating the tractor including details about the diesel fuel storage, recommended fuels, controls and operation, maintenance and fuel system adjustments. You will also see the electrical system and specifications. This manual only covers the portions of your tractor that differ from the gasoline model. For complete operation and maintenance instructions on your Ford Diesel Tractor, refer to both the Owner's Manual and this supplement. 19 pages, NEW condition. Buy now to own the manual that you were meant to have as an owner/operator.
"Ford Owner's Manual Supplement Diesel Tractor 801-D-901-D Series 1958"
This item is a reproduction
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Covers models 801-D and 901-D. The book was originally printed in 1958, and Ford continued to use the book until 1962.
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