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This original manual was designed to train mechanics to work on 58 truck alternators. you will find descriptions of the components and their locations, directions for operation, an extensive troubleshooting guide with road maps, instructions for alternator overhaul, and a service guide with a disassembled view of the alternator, system schematic and quick service tips. Pictures and diagrams on nearly every of its 35 pages. Buy now for this original material from Ford.
"The Ford Mechanic 1958 Ford Service Forum No.7 Servicing The Alternator System"
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Covers all Ford Tilt cab and conventional trucks equipped with Super Duty engines. Super Duty engines are 401, 477, and 534 cubic inches. These engines were available in F-850, F-950, F-1000, F-1100, T-750, T-800, T-850, T-950, C-850, C-950, C-1000, and C-1100.
1958 Ford F-Series
1958 Ford Heavy Duty Truck
1958 Ford F-Series 1958 Ford Heavy Duty Truck