1959-1962 Studebaker Body Parts Book Original

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"59-61Body Parts Catalog Studebaker" This is an original manual that the dealer's parts department used so that customers could order car body parts. You will find model numbers and serial numbers for easy identification of your vehicle. Get the original parts numbers to help those vendors get you the right equipment. You can use the exploded illustrations to find out exactly what you need, and how to put it together. You will find components like the air conditioner, air ventilator, auxiliary floor mats, coat hooks, windows, mouldings, body belts, body panels, cigar lighters, climatizer, defroster, dash heater, lights, interior trim, locks, handles, door sill finishing plates, window ventilators, weather seals, seats, floor boards, console, folding top, luggage rack, radio, antenna, mirrors, carpet, seat belts, visors, tail gates, toe board, trunk, windshield wipers, and more! Find out if the parts you are buying are original and complete. This book covers accessories, closed bodies, hard top bodies, and station wagons including the , Hawks, GT Hawk, Deluxe, Regal, Taxi, Heavy-Duty, Econo-Miler, and Daytona. You won't want to miss the opportunity to own this hard-to-find book. 233 pages, loaded with illustrations. Measures 8.5" x 11". Buy now for your ultimate resource for all '59-'62 Studebakers.
"59-62 Body Parts Catalog Studebaker"
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