1959-1969 Pontiac's Greatest Decade Wide Track Era Illustrated History

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This brand new history of Pontiac's golden era is heavily illustrated with never-before-seen factory photos. Find out why Pontiac won Motor Trend car of the year an astonishing 5 times during this period. You'll see a chapter devoted to each year, detailing the history, marketing strategy, sales successes and failures, styling and engineering changes, equipment, and performance. You'll find out the differences between different models and trim levels. You'll see factory photos on nearly every page, with images from ads, press releases, and even the factory assembly lines. Not only will learn how the styling, performance, and equipment changed from year to year, you'll also find out how the people behind the changes made it happen - Pontiac superstars like Knudsen, Estes, Wangers, DeLorean, along with the designers, engineers, and assembly line workers. DeLorean encouraged his employees to constantly conceptualize new ideas, and the book is full of these innovations - those that made it to the production line, and also concepts that didn't. You'll see photos of prototypes, clay & fiberglass models, concept cars, and show cars like the 1959 Safari El Camino-style pickup, XP-100, X400, GM-X, ET, XP-798 Banshee, XP-833Grand Marque, Monte Carlo, St. Moritz, Fluer de Lis LeMans, Flamme GTO, ET, Ram Air IV Royal, and even the MonkeeMobile, and learn how they influenced production cars. You'll find photos of stock cars and Pontiacs that went for the land speed record. All the 1959-1969 cars are covered, including Bonneville, Super Duty, 2+2, Catalina, Ventura, Star Chief, Executive, Grand Prix, J, SJ, Tempest, Custom, LeMans, GTO, The Judge, Sprint, Firebird, 350, 400, HO, Trans Am, and Ram Air. This 8 1/2 x 11 inch book has 158 pages, 12 of them with color photos. Buy now to own the best history of the Wide-Track Era.
"Pontiac's Greatest Decade 1959-1969: The Wide Track Era"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.50 inches
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1959-1962 Pontiac Bonneville Custom
1959-1966 Pontiac Star Chief
1959-1969 Pontiac Bonneville
1959-1969 Pontiac Catalina
1960-1961 Pontiac Ventura
1961-1969 Pontiac Safari
1961-1969 Pontiac Tempest
1961-1969 Pontiac Tempest Custom
1962-1969 Pontiac Grand Prix
1963-1969 Pontiac LeMans
1964-1969 Pontiac GTO
1966 Pontiac Catalina 2+2
1966 Pontiac Star Chief Executive
1967 Pontiac Firebird HO
1967-1969 Pontiac Executive
1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird
1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird 400
1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird Sprint
1968-1969 Pontiac Catalina Ventura
1968-1969 Pontiac Executive Safari
1968-1969 Pontiac Firebird 350
1969 Pontiac Firebird 350 HO
1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
1969 Pontiac LeMans Safari