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This booklet was made for people who purchased a British Ford, picked it up in England, and then shipped it home outside of England. A maintenance schedule outlines what you can do as a vehicle owner to do periodic care yourself. It will also tell you what procedures need to be done by your dealer. This book includes a maintenance log to record the dates that scheduled maintenance was actually performed.

Owner's Manuals explain the operation and care of your vehicle. With step-by-step instructions, clear pictures, fluid capacities and specifications, you will have the information you need to get the most from your vehicle. Your owner's manual is designed by experts to keep you informed. Find out driving essentials such as the location and explanation of controls, safety tips, specifications and capacities, and sometimes scheduled maintenance. Owner's manuals are also called owner's guides, operating manuals, reference books, or glove box manuals.

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The manual covers the 1960-1961 Ford car models. Includes the maintenance schedule and warranty. Manual is in English, Spanish, German, & French.
1960 Ford Squire
1960 Ford Taunus 12M Super
1960 Ford Taunus 17M
1960-1961 Ford Anglia
1960-1961 Ford Consul MK II
1960-1961 Ford Prefect
1960-1961 Ford Thames
1960-1961 Ford Zephyr MK II
1960-1961 Ford Zodiac MK II
1960 1961 Ford Anglia 1960 1961 Ford Consul 1960 1961 Ford Prefect 1960 1961 Ford Squire 1960 1961 Ford Taunus 1960 1961 Ford Thames 1960 1961 Ford Zephyr 1960 1961 Ford Zodiac