1960-1961 Ford Falcon & Ranchero CD Repair Shop Manual

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This CD-ROM offers page-for-page reproductions of the bound manual that Ford mechanics used to service cars. It includes the 265 page "1960 Ford Falcon Shop Manual" and the 299 page "1961 Ford Falcon Shop Manual". You will find step-by-step procedures for engines, exhaust, ignition, fuel, clutch, manual transmissions, Fordomatic, rear axle & driveline, cooling, chassis, suspension, frames, steering, brakes, generating & starting, lights, instruments, accessories, body maintenance & repair, doors, deck lids, front sheet metal, interior trim, seats, windows, body installation, maintenance and lubrication. The cd has wiring diagrams, specifications (at the end of each group), special tool lists, exploded view illustrations, troubleshooting diagnosis, and pictures. You will have the information you need to get your project on the road and keep it there. Great if you have a hard copy that you want to keep clean.  These are the year-specific 1960 and 1961 manuals, not the combined 1960-1962 book. Buy now to own the best manuals for your vehicle on CD. We have manuals on paper also -- see our other items.
"1960-61 Ford Falcon Shop Manuals 2 Volumes"
This item is a reproduction
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You can use the information in this manual to restore 1960-1961 Ford Falcons, including cadr, Ranchero, wagon, Sprint, and Falcon Sedan Delivery.
1960-1961 Ford Falcon
1960-1961 Ford Ranchero
1961 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery
1960 1961 Ford Falcon 1960 1961 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery 1960 1961 Ford Ranchero