1960-1978 Military Jeep M151 Illustrated Parts Book Reprint

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This is a reproduction the book that was used by the military to order parts. You will find the original part numbers, which are still useful today because most parts vendors still use the original manufacturer's numbers to keep track of their parts. Use this book to make your search for parts both quicker and easier. The illustrations in the book will help you to identify parts, and the exploded views can aid you with assembly or disassembly of some parts of the vehicle. Find out if the parts on your Jeep and the parts you are buying are original and complete. Find out which parts interchange with other years and models covered in this book. 307 pages. New condition. Don't miss the opportunity to own this hard-to-find book.
AMC Jeep 1958-1988
"TM 9-2320-218-20P Technical Manual Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tool List"
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This manual covers all 1960-1978 Military Jeep M151 models, including M151, M151A1, M151A1C, M151A2, M325, Frontline Truck Ambulance Models like M718 and M718A1, and Jeeps mounted with a 106 MM recoilless rifle (M151A1C & M825). This was the standard type of Jeep used in Vietnam.
1960-1978 Jeep M151 Military
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