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This manual contains supplemental service information for all 1962 Comets. It is an original manual printed by Ford for use by mechanics at the dealer. You will find step-by-step repair procedures for wheels & tires, engines, exhaust, ignition, fuel, clutch, transmissions, rear axle & driveline, cooling, chassis, suspension, steering, brakes, generating & starting, lamps, instruments, controls, body, accessories, maintenance and lubrication. The book has 37 pages of specifications, exploded view illustrations, troubleshooting diagnosis, and pictures. This book contains service information on the features that were new on the 1962 model. The supplement will refer you back to the 1961 service manual for procedures that did not change (see my other items for that book). Buy now to own the best manual for your car.
"Mercury Comet 1962 Supplement to 1961 Maintenance Manual"
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