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This is the same manual that a Dodge mechanic would use to repair an A-100. You will find service instructions for lubrication, accessories, front axle, rear axle, parking brake, service brakes, clutch, cooling system, electrical, engine, engine oiling system, exhaust system, fuel system, propeller shaft/universal joints, springs/shocks, steering gear, transmission, wheels & tires, body, and sheet metal. There are specifications and a tightening reference compiled in the back of the book, with pictures, illustrations and wiring diagrams throughout. Well over ½" thick. Buy now for this original manual from Dodge
"Technical Service Manual Dodge Truck 'S' Series Model A-100-Compact"
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Covers the 1964 and 1965 A100, A40, A50, A60, Compact, Sportsman, Wagon, Custom, Van, panel van, and Pickup. 
1964-1965 Dodge A100
1964 1965 Dodge A100