1964 Cadillac Service Bulletins Reprint

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This manual is a licensed reproduction of a set of the Serviceman bulletins printed by Cadillac to help mechanics at the dealer repair cars. If you've got the factory shop manual for your Cadillac, you've only got half the story – this set has repair instructions that mechanics found that they needed after the shop manual was printed, and mid-year changes that aren't accounted for in the shop manual. There is parts and service info for accessories, body, brakes, transmission, engine, cooling system, electrical, lubrication, suspension, steering, tools, and more. Buy now to own this hard-to-find service information.

There are too many topics to list them all, but here's a sampling:
  • new 1964 features
  • seatbelt retractors
  • sheet metal tolerances
  • power steering pump cooler
  • checking Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission fluid level
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic diagnosis chart
  • situations that cause cruise control not to operate
  • courtesy light failure, flickering headlamps
  • vent window motor
  • sealing edges of power window relay
  • repair procedure for door trim pad that is cut
  • avoiding rear main bearing oil seal leaks
  • causes and corrections of oil consumption
  • servicing pcv valves
  • diagnosing engine overheating
  • use pry bar to adjust a/c belts
  • time delay switch for cars with Comfort Control
  • premature heater action, heater leaks
  • check standing height before replacing springs
  • shop manual revisions and corrections: Rochester 4GC adjustments, Turbo Hydra-Matic overhaul procedures, Guide-Matic phototube, Twilight Sentinel sensitivity test changes 
  • mid-year parts changes: Turbo Hydramatic changes, loose seat trim button, California ventilation system, air conditioner improvements, extra spring on carburetor throttle linkage, defective condenser, glass fiber cord power steering belts, fuel filler pipe, oil pan baffle, a/c fan clutch, connecting rod, differential carrier
  • noise reduction: engine noise on cars equipped with the Turbo Hydramatic, rear quarter panel metal squeak, floor pan clip, a/c compressor, convertible rear seat speaker rattle 
"Cadillac 1964 Serviceman Service Bulletins"
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