1966 Cadillac Service Bulletins Reprint

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This manual is a licensed reproduction of a set of the Serviceman bulletins printed by Cadillac to help mechanics at the dealer repair cars. If you've got the factory shop manual for your Cadillac, you've only got half the story – this set has repair instructions that mechanics found that they needed after the shop manual was printed, and mid-year changes that aren't accounted for in the shop manual. There is parts and service info for accessories, body, brakes, transmission, engine, cooling system, electrical, lubrication, suspension, steering, tools, and more. Buy now to own this hard-to-find service information.

There are too many topics to list them all, but here's a sampling:
  • new 1966 features
  • revised light bulb chart
  • erratic operation of automatic climate control
  • adjust the temperature dial after installing Automatic Climate Control
  • early 1966 heater hose routing
  • cold weather protection for automatic level control system
  • binding governor weights on some cruise control units
  • why fuses blow in the cruiser control unit
  • reducing over-travel of 1966 shift linkage
  • correcting manual shaft binding problems on transmissions
  • accurate idle settings on A. I. R. equipped cars and adjustment of 1966 Carter A.I.R. carburetor
  • brake roughness
  • check ignition harness and leads at starter
  • use jumper at stator switch for idle setting
  • hazard warning flasher troubles
  • venting power window motors
  • power window regulator motor replacements
  • front door window glass scratches
  • windshield fogging
  • loose or binding headrests
  • servicing seat back components on Fleetwood Brougham sedan
  • seat belt retractors
  • front seat shoulder strap provisions
  • increasing seat warmer "on" time
  • hint on servicing door paddle handle
  • filling convertible hydro-electric reservoir
  • correcting ballooning fabric roof cover
  • sheet metal tolerances
  • shop manual revisions and corrections: wiring diagram changes, servicing the seat warmer, diagnosing air compressor leaks, control valve service, rear axle shaft length corrected, as well as standing height and coil spring revisions, 
  • mid-year parts changes:  change in piston diameter sizes, differential pinion nut sizes, early 1966 Automatic Level Control air compressors should be replaced, fuel tank vent, Fleetwood 75 rear quarter panel crest, transmission case and governor, change to "Antique Gold" paint formulation, transmission cover-to-body attaching bolts, steering column lower cover screw, and rear lamp socket seals
  • noise reduction:  turn signal indicator trim plate, proper stowage of spare tire and jack, wind noise at cove area, and starter motor
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"Cadillac 1966 Serviceman Service Bulletins"
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