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This manual was made to train dealer mechanics to work on the 1966 Bronco. You will find service instructions for the brakes, steering, suspension, driving axles and driveshaft, manual transmission and clutch, engine, components; automotive systems like ignition, fuel, exhaust, cooling, starting, charging, and lighting; instruments, clusters and controls, main wiring harnesses and circuit protection, auxilliary equipment, heating and air, speed control, seats, glass, body, and trim. There is a maintenance schedule, lubrication guide with points and fluids, and a handy list of specifications. Instructions are accompanied by exploded view illustrations and diagrammed pictures to help you get every job done right. Includes around 100 pages. With '67 Ford Shop manual, this manual completely covers the 1966 Bronco. Buy now for this original material from Ford--the only manual made for the 1966 Bronco. Buy now for the best manual for your Ford.
"1966 Ford Bronco Preliminary Shop Manual"
This item is original.
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With '67 Bronco Shop manual, this manual completely covers the 1966 Bronco.
1966 Ford Bronco
1966 Ford Bronco