1966 Pontiac Superior 400 Limousine Series Parts Manual Reprint

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This is a quality, authorized reproduction of the manual printed by Superior to order parts for bodies. It shows pictures of parts, along with part numbers and descriptions. You will see a skeleton view of the body pillars, as well as photos of the interior and exterior of the cars. The manual includes parts peculiar to Superior bodies that differ from standard Pontiac, such as pillars, doors, trim, drapes, hardware, and mouldings. For mechanical parts and body parts that professional cars share with other Pontiacs you will need the Pontiac parts book. Buy now to own this hard-to-find manual for your car.
"Superior-Pontiac 400 Series Parts Catalog 1966"
This item is a reproduction
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.05 inches
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This manual covers all 1966 Pontiac Superior Limousine bodies including Nine-Passenger, 403, & 405 models.
1966 Pontiac Bonneville
1966 Pontiac Bonneville