1967-1972 How To Restore Your Chevy Truck

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In How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967-1972, veteran author Kevin Whipps shows you how to inspect, assess, and accurately budget your restoration project. You are then taken through each major portion of truck restoration, including the engine, suspension, chassis, bodywork, paint, brakes, steering, transmission, driveline, electrical system, interior, and more. Each section shows practical, real-world repair and restoration in general and step-by-step formats. You'll find out when you should do it yourself, and when it might be best to hire a pro.  You get handy reference lists of original equipment and codes for engines and VIN.  After all of these years of hard use and exposure to harsh conditions, most of these trucks are in need of some serious work.

Chevy/GMC trucks are extremely popular as stock restorations, fast street trucks, and off-road trucks. But before you can build a specialty truck, you need to have a solid, reliable, restored truck. This book provides the invaluable information and step-by-step instruction to return these trucks to their original glory.  540 color photos.  Buy now to own this full-color restoration guide for your pickup.

Kevin Whipps
"How To restore Your Chevy Truck 1967-1972"
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